Justin William Lau

Capital One Persona and Experience Vision Illustrations

The Exchange is an internal data platform for Capital One associates - to help analysts, data scientists, and engineers find, use, manage, and publish data. 


My challenge was to create illustrations and storyboards to support an experience vision story of how our users might work in the future. To do that, I visualized the emotional wins that accompanied the overall UX outcomes. Throughout the process, I used the Capital One Illustration Guidelines to develop the style, color and imagery of each visual. 

Additionally, I crafted persona illustrations that gave faces to the many different types of people who use the platform. This was part of a separate project where I developed visualizations to understand their needs, pain points, and everyday tasks at work. 

Used in a presentation deck for senior leadership and product partners, the illustrations helped communicate a five-year vision for the direction of our internal platform. 


v1 Persona illustrations

v2 Persona illustrations

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